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The Hungarian Institute for Educational Research and Development, founded by the Ministry of Human Resources, is an institution providing general and strategic support services for the educational sector. Research and development activities are carried out and related services are provided in the following fields:

  • preschool education,
  • public (primary and secondary) education,
  • higher education,
  • vocational training,
  • teachers’ careers,
  • special education,
  • the education of ethnic and national minorities,
  • school-based and non-formal adult education.


The Institute also supports medium- and long-term educational planning in the education sector. In this area, it relies on the output of research undertaken that inquires into the social effects of policy decisions; it additionally assists policy makers in the making of evidence-based decisions.

The responsibilities of the Institute also include preparing analyses of currently existing educational processes while examining their likely effects, as well as participating in international research projects. Research is also carried out on classroom procedures, inquiring into the activities of the most important actors in education (teachers and pupils) and examining their interactions.

Development activities aim to increase the effectiveness of school education and are supported by related research. Program and curriculum development activities include the development of new pedagogical/professional methods, educational programs, textbooks, teaching aids and related instruments. The societal and social situation of the young and their educational opportunities are also analysed, focusing especially on the integration of Roma and special needs pupils. The Institute actively participates in the implementation of educational development programs supported by the European Structural Funds of the European Union.

In addition, the institute offers education-related services, such as talent support, mediation, granting help to socially disadvantaged pupils, etc. It also operates the National Educational Library and Museum.