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Training of ISIT Trainers Begins!

The opening day of ISIT (Implementation Strategies for Innovations in Teachers’ Professional Development) trainer training will take place on 17th April, 2014, organized by the Hungarian Institute for Educational Research and Development and the Kecskemét College.

The goal of the programme is to enhance teacher trainer professionals’ expertise in content area literacy, as well as to prepare them for the implementation of CAL elements into their own institution’s teacher training and professional development programmes.

Participants of the course will become qualified BaCuLit trainers (Basic Curriculum in Teachers’ In-Service Training in Content Area Literacy in Secondary Schools). Their training takes place in the form of blended learning, which combines classroom- and computer-based activities. During the workshops on 17th April, participating trainers will get to know their trainers and the ITS platform, with which they are going to work during the next months, in the e-learning phase of the programme. The course closes in August with a week-long summer school in Germany.

A total of 13 teacher training professionals from,higher education institutions and pedagogical professional services will participate in the course, from all regions of the country. The Hungarian Institute for Educational Research and Development will be represented by three of our colleagues. The course is led by associate professors of the Kecskemét College, Dr. Szabó, Ildikó and Dr. Szinger, Veronika.

For further information please visit: http://adore-project.eu/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=121&Itemid=201