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National and international research and development activities

National and international research and development activities


The Institute is engaged in multidisciplinary educational research with the aim of advancing educational policy and the education system in Hungary. Its activities include pre-school, primary and secondary education as well as lifelong learning. The Institute's responsibilities further involve the education of students with special needs, the education of the Roma minority, developing programmes providing equal chances and doing research and development which aim to modernise the content and methods of school education and adult education.

Current/Previous Hungarian projects (TÁMOP-3.1.1)



Building and maintaining international contacts is a high priority for the Institute. The Institute is a member of international professional organisations and takes part in their activities. The Institute also cooperates with various international professional partners in projects and organizes international events.

The Institute is a member of CIDREE (Consortium of Institutions for Development and Research in Education in Europe), the Consortium of European institutes of educational research and Eurydice, the European network providing data on Member States'education systems. The Institute is actively involved in developing various databases of OECD and providing statistical data on Hungarian education.


The international activities and projects of OFI encompass the following topics:

The table below lists the international organisations OFI is a member of and the contacts.


Programme / Activity



Governing Board of the Centre for Educational Research and Innovation


Gábor Halász

Advisory Group of Skills Strategy


Gábor Halász

Eurydice Network - provision of data on the Hungarian and the European education systems

Eurydice Network of
the European Commission


National Eurydice Unit: Sára Kun-Hatony, Krisztina Olasz and Mária Pákozdi

CIDREE (Consortium of Institutions for Development and Research in Education in Europe) - international multilateral cooperation, common projects and exchange of researchers

(see projects below)


Mária Pákozdi

Indicators on Education Systems (INES)



National Coordinator: Judit Kádár-Fülöp




Matild Sági

CELE - Centre for Effective Learning Environments


Edit Lippai,

Mónika Réti

NESET (Network of Experts on Social aspects of Education and Training)


Gábor Halász

Early School Leaving Thematic Working Group

European Commission

Anna Imre

Early Childhood Education and Care Thematic Working Group

European Commission

Mária Pákozdi

Learning Outcomes Group

European Commission

András Derényi

Standing Group on Indicators and Benchmarks

European Commission

Judit Kádár-Fülöp

European Journal of Education

Member of the Editorial Board: Gábor Halász

European Policy Network on School Leadership - improving school leadership in Europe through a collaborative network to inform policy making



Mária Szabó

ENIRDELM (European Network for Improving Research and Development in Educational Leadership and Management)


Mária Szabó

European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education


National coordinator: Mária Kőpataki

Environment and School Initiatives (ENSI) - environmental understanding, active approaches to teaching and learning through research, developments and the exchange of experiences internationally


Attila Varga

Technical Committee 3 is for ICT in Education, within which WG 3.1 is about Informatics and ICT in Secondary Education.

International Federation
for Information Processing (IFIP)
- an international forum
for educators to discuss research
and practice in teaching
informatics dealing with models
for informatics curricula
and training programs,
the relationship of
informatics in other curriculum
areas, the ongoing education
of ICT professionals and the
impact of ICT on the whole
educational environment.

Márta Hunya